The bedbugs are a nightmare for everyone. They are actually parasites that come from the cimicid family. The bed bugs are oval, small and brownish insects that need blood in order to feed themselves.

There are some parasites from this cimicid family that need animal blood in order to feed. However, the most famous and common bed bug the so-called Cimex lectularius prefers human blood.

An adult parasite like the bed bugs have a flat body; they have a similar look like the seed from the apple. But, once it feeds, the body of the bed bug swells and has a red color.

The bed bugs feed unnoticed.

It is believed that bed bugs are more active at night. However, these parasites are not nocturnal creatures. The female bedbug in its lifetime can lay hundreds of eggs.

The eggs are big as speak of dust. They can be easily brought to your home with the adults. How?

With used beds, clothing, via luggage, with used furniture, etc. These bed bugs are not able to fly, but they can move fast over ceilings, walls, and floors.

As a result of bites from bed bugs, you can have allergic symptoms, skin rashes and in some cases even psychological problems.

Do You Have Bed Bugs in Your House?

An evident sign that you have bed bugs is if you have areas of your body that are itchy. You will notice this once you wake up, and if it starts itching that is probably the place that you have a bite from bed bugs.

In some cases, the itchy areas have small bumps that are usually red. You can also find out if you notice blood stains on your pillow cases and sheets.

Also, you can notice if there are feces on the bed from bed bugs and walls or bed linen, and in areas where they usually hide to have shed skins or egg shells. Another sign of bed bug infestation is the musty odor of the scent glands from the bugs.

Because of their flat bodies they can quickly move and hide in tiny places like headboards, mattresses, bed frames and box springs. They do not have nests, but they live in groups.

With time they scatter through the bedroom and can move to any protected location or crevice and also to adjoining rooms.

If you think that you have bed bug infestation what you need to do is to remove all the dust and bedding covers, box springs and blankets to look for signs of bed bugs.

Remember to look around the area around your bed like the electrical outlets, books, carpet edges, radios, and telephones.

How To Exterminate Bed Bugs

In case you found that there is a bed bug infestation know that you need to prepare in order to eliminate them.

It might take longer, but it will be worth it in the end.

You need to start cleaning the areas in your house where these parasites live. It is not that easy to do that.

You will need to wash and dry the bedding, clothing, linens, and curtains. Do this in hot water and after check if everything is free from bed bugs.

Also, you will need to vacuum the entire house, the furnishing, furniture, and linens on a regular basis.

After you are done with vacuuming, remove the bag from the vacuum and put it in a plastic bag. Remember to throw it out in the garbage bin, not put it inside.

Another alternative is to freeze the bed bugs. They cannot survive in case of freezing temperatures.

You can freeze the items that are infested for 2 hours at 1.4°F(-17°C).

If you do not want to do this, you can use steam. The steam can penetrate into the cracks, crevices,  and mattress linings.

To destroy the bugs you will need to clean at 140°F (60°C). Do not worry; this temperature won’t damage or destroy the surroundings.

Home Remedies That Help Eliminate Bed Bugs

There are also other ways to eliminate the bed bugs and the eggs,  for example with natural insecticides. As important natural source of pesticides the plan essential oils has gained importance.

They have market estimation at $700 million. And their production worldwide is around 45000 tons.

They can affect the insects and their inner cell membranes and lead to cytotoxic effects.

This is why the essential oils have gained a good reputation. Do not worry the essential oils are toxic for these unwanted bed bugs, but when it comes to humans, they are safe.


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