Nail polish may severely influence our well-being, and a recent analysis has proven that lots of the common American nail polish manufacturers are extremely damaging.

A research that included 24 females and specialists assessed the impacts of the toxins in their own bodies.

The very same researchers, at a followup study, assessed 10 distinct nail polishes such as triphenyl phosphate and discovered it in 2 of them.

What is more, two of those 8 didn’t record the existence of the compound on the label. Thus, 20 percent of nail beams we buy have a damaging chemical which isn’t recorded on the label.

Triphenyl phosphate (or even TPHP) is a harmful compound that disrupts the endocrine system, which regulates all of our hormones. According to the lead researcher of this research, there’s growing evidence indicating that TPHP might impact hormone regulation, reproduction, metabolism, and growth.

Consequently, he is alarming young women using nail polish daily that healthier hormonal growth is essential for their development.

Nail polish Includes other dangerous ingredients. For example:


Formaldehyde is a well known carcinogen that melts in water and atmosphere. People suffering from several chronic ailments are particularly vulnerable to poisoning from formaldehyde.

This compound introduces the same dangers as TPHP, since it interrupts the hormonal equilibrium and comprises reproductive program toxins.


Toluene accelerates the growth in kids and hydrates skin. Still, there are a few pure nail polish choices you may use to protect against these consequences and help you stay away from cancer, allergies, and hormone disruption.

Ensure to always select non-metallic nail polishes to shield your health and steer clear of the side-effects that have products of frequent nail polish manufacturers.

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  1. This is such a great article. I’ve always wondered about this, especially so, when pregnant. I’m going through all of my nail polish right now like a looney, trying to read the fine print. 🙂

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