Massaging Your Scalp With Ayurvedic Oil Keeps Your Hair Looking Great

You should be surprised that hair is actually not what is shown in hair shampoo and  lotion commercials on billboards or TV. In fact, any commercials featuring black long hair is really either a CGI or wig.

The hair much like every other part of your body needs protein, oxygen and nourishment from hormones and blood supply.

Various people have attempted the next natural remedy, and it is a standard Ayurvedic treatment that has been widely utilized to deal with baldness. Ayurvedic massage of the scalp is an very old massage from India practiced for millennia. It is like an art form and should be studied and practiced on regular basis.

It comprises three components that nourish your scalp and stimulate the hair development. Massage the scalp and hair with warm oil, it can also be infused with hair-friendly herbs for better results. Actually it is the best way to nourish the scalp and hair fully.


  • Provides deep relaxation of the scalp and releases tension
  • It improves alertness, cognition and memory
  • Your senses are more clear and are more strong
  • Supports the hair and looks more healthy and it is more shining
  • The nervous system is at much better shape
  • The brain’s chemistry and hormones are balanced

This is the right way to prepare it.


  • Coconut oil
  • Castor oil

Apply this mixture onto your scalp and make it work its magic for one hour. Scrub the oil on the scalp and then spread it evenly onto hair strands.

Keep it around for one or 2 hours and then wash the hair utilizing shikakai (acacia concinna) or teeth (sapindus trifoliatus) powders.

The effects are remarkable, so you have to try to believe!

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