Each year at least few thousand individuals, especially women, have a stroke. The numbers are nearly twice the amount compared to breast cancer.

As per a recent research report released by the American Heart Association, one in five women can’t recognize a minimum of one of warning indications of a potential stroke. The fantastic thing is that you can avoid it if you understand the fundamental signs of the threat.

Preeclampsia is present in the majority of women after 20 months of pregnancy. This is a disease characterized by elevated blood pressure and elevated levels of protein in the urine. A high degree of both of these factors raises the stroke phenomenon considerably.

Preeclampsia normally leaves after 6 weeks of maternity but raises the chance of stroke in the future. This usually means that in the event you’ve got hypertension before pregnancy, then the probability of developing preeclampsia is about 25% greater. You ought to do routine tests of blood pressure from six months to twelve months.

Migraines – Intense pain in a women’s skull induces ischemic stroke. It’s 3-4 times greater chance than in males.

Some researchers clarify the theory that those who suffer with migraines have diminished use of blood vessels. It makes them a lot more vulnerable to stroke. As there’s absolutely not any particular treatment for migraines, you need to take preventative measures to decrease the possibility of stroke. Such steps are workout, eating healthy meals and not smoking.

Irregular and Fast Heartbeat – Once the upper areas of the heart beat quickly and with no synchronization with both lower components (atrial fibrillation or A-fib), blood flow is kept in the top areas of the heart and raises the danger of blood clots.

Weakness or numbness or a single side of their human body, normally the arm, face or leg. Trouble comprehension, confusion or speaking. Trouble dizziness, walking, and lack of balance or coordination.

Contraceptive Pills –  Many studies have proven that women who take oral contraceptives are somewhat more vulnerable to stroke compared to people who don’t apply. It occurs because the hormones in the pills trigger blood clots and higher blood pressure. This pill can surely bring blood clots.

You can monitor for A-fib in home with an easy 60 minute check pulse. If you observe that the beat is intermittent and quicker than ordinary, seek advice from your physician.

If you think you might have or had stroke or you are checking someone you think had should call for professional help.

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